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Brad J Reynolds, CFA, is Senior Vice President WMG Managing Director - Operations, Compliance, Strategic Support Portfolio Manager at Monroe Bank & Trust Wealth Management. His primary responsibilities include the creation and monitoring of client portfolios and investments, particularly municipal and taxable fixed income. The day to day oversight of investment strategy, market research and analysis, overall investment due diligence and portfolio analytics, as well as executing strategic initiatives and helping to manage client relationships.

Brad is a Chartered Financial Analyst with 20 years’ experience in the investment industry. Prior to joining MBT, he was Chief Investment Officer for a Registered Investment Advisor in Southeast Michigan with over 500 million dollars in assets under management. He designed and managed the firm’s model portfolios for both individual and institutional clients. Brad also managed over 80 million dollars of individual municipal bonds on behalf of clients. He has been quoted in numerous financial media, including Bloomberg, The Bond Buyer and Business Week.

Brad had previously been Syndicate Manager for H&R Block helping firms raise capital through the new issue market. Having worked as both a fixed income and equity trader, he has first-hand knowledge of the inner workings of the financial markets, knowledge that is an invaluable benefit to the firm’s clients.

Brad was awarded a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a minor in economics from the University of New Hampshire.

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