Volunteer Program

Community Service From Your Community Bank

Established in 1984, The Monroe Bank & Trust Volunteerism program is proof of the Bank’s commitment to the communities we serve. Having surpassed 200,000 hours of community service Monroe Bank & Trust has been recognized as one of the finest and most active employee volunteer service organizations in the United States. In addition to the financial support we provide to organizations in our community, Monroe realized many charitable non-profit organizations lack the manpower resources necessary to make their fundraising events and programs truly effective. Through volunteerism, the bank’s employees sustain their communities through contributions of time, effort and hard work.

The Monroe Bank & Trust Volunteer Program is proof of Monroe Bank & Trust’s commitment to the communities we serve.

If you live in southeast Michigan chances are you have seen or met our smiling volunteers in the now recognizable green shirts. With over 80% of our employees actively involved in the program, Monroe Bank & Trust volunteer’s support, assist and augments over 200 non-profit organizations and are available 365 days of the year.

Monroe Bank & Trust’s corporate volunteer program is unparalleled in nature and scope and is certain proof of Monroe Bank & Trust’s serious commitment and mission – to be neighbors who help neighbors, and to be one of America’s finest community banks.

Non-profit charitable organizations that wish to request volunteer assistance may complete the Volunteer Request form. For more information, please contact us.