Security of Accounts and Information

Tips to Keep your Financial Information Safe

Monroe Bank & Trust is absolutely committed to the security of your accounts and confidential information. We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards that go above federal standards to store and secure information about you from unauthorized access, alteration and destruction. Some of the measures we take are very apparent, such as the encryption of sensitive data and password protections, while other precautions are equally effective, but less obvious.

Here are a few things we do to keep your financial information safe:

Browsers and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Encryption. “Encryption” means we will scramble the data. When accessing our secure applications, such as Monroe Bank & Trust Online Banking, we require that your browser support SSL and 128-bit. You can generally determine if encryption is being used if the padlock icon on your browser is locked. If the padlock icon is unlocked, encryption is not being used.

Firewalls. Monroe Bank & Trust data systems containing all of your account information is strictly controlled and is protected by numerous firewalls to help prevent unauthorized access to our network. We monitor these firewalls to prevent security breaches. Our online applications also use a system of filtering routers and firewalls, which form a barrier between the Internet and the internal bank network.

Restrict access. Our computer systems have Password protection, timeouts on terminals and encryption on certain data transmissions. We have employee card access to buildings. Monroe Bank & Trust uses camera surveillance in sensitive areas and shred sensitive information. We follow guidelines that limit employee access to confidential information and how we use and disclose such information for specifically authorized processes and transactions. Employees follow customer authentication protocols before we release information or complete a transaction.

Monitor current trends. Monroe Bank & Trust works with law enforcement and other groups to be aware of current threats. We actively monitor current and emerging threats on the Internet and other areas and share that information with you.

Protect your email address. Monroe Bank & Trust does not sell its partners/vendors the email address you have provided to us. In the event you receive an email that you believe to be from one of our partners/vendors, please consider this an unauthorized attempt to gain access to your personal information for purposes of fraud.

Maintaining accurate customer information. Monroe Bank & Trust has policies and procedures in place to help us collect and maintain accurate information. If a customer informs us that they believe some of our information is inaccurate, we will investigate and take steps to correct the information where necessary.

Additional online access security. After a specific period of inactivity, Online Banking will automatically log off. We will also temporarily disable your account after too many failed attempts to log in. You must contact us to regain access to your account.

Cybersecurity Infographic

This infographic from the American Bankers Association is a great resource to show what banks are doing to protect customers money.