Report Fraud

If you’re worried you might have unintentionally compromised personal identifiable information including credit or debit card number, Social Security Number, online banking login information, including your User ID and Password contact us at 800-321-0032 immediately. The sooner we know what has happened, the sooner we can begin to help you.

If your identity has been stolen, you need to take immediate action to limit the damage and protect your good name.

Step 1

Place a “fraud alert” on your account by contacting the credit reporting agencies. This tells creditors to call you before they open any more accounts in your name. You only need to contact one. The first agency you contact will contact the other two. A copy of your credit report of is available free each year from


Step 2

Contact the financial institution(s) or the companies where the information about you has been used and let them know you are a victim of identity theft. Close any accounts that may have been tampered with or opened fraudulently.


Step 3

File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission(FTC) at Or call the FTC’s identity theft hotline toll-free at 1-877-438-4338. Trained counselors are standing by to help victims and take their complaints.


Step 4

File a report with local police. Even if the police can’t catch the identity thief, having a police report can help you clear up your credit records later on.

Reporting suspicious email:

Do not click any links or open any attachment! Contact us to report the suspicious e-mail. Additionally, suspicious e-mails can be forwarded to and the Anti-Phishing Working Group at

Reporting social security number theft:

To report that another person is using your Social Security number call the Social Security Administration’s Office of Inspector General at 800-269-0271.