Payroll Solutions

Monroe Bank & Trust is ready to help with the administrative burden of having employees. We recognize that managing employee compensation has three components: Payroll, Human Resources and Employee Benefits. At Monroe Bank & Trust, we have solutions for all three. Our solutions can help you reduce costs, improve cash flow, and relieve stress on you, the business owner.  

Let us help you with all three sides of managing employee compensation.

Payroll Solutions

Through our partnership with Sage Payroll Services® we can make it easy for you to streamline your entire payroll process. From payroll calculations and direct deposit to detailed reporting and tax management, Sage HR has a simple and cost-effective payroll solution.

To best fit the needs of your business, through our payroll partnership we’re able to offer two distinct payroll services. You can upgrade from one to the other, whenever you decide it’s necessary.

Self Service Payroll

This option is designed for businesses with 10 or fewer employees. You’ll enjoy unlimited payroll processing for a low, monthly fee of just $49.95. Plus, full management of payroll taxes is included, so you don’t have to worry about costly fines and penalties. Simply key in your payroll data, and Sage will take it from there.

Self Service Payroll provides:

  • Convenient online access so you can process payroll wherever your business takes you.
  • Free direct deposit for you and your employees.
  • Federal, state and local tax administration to guarantee accurate and timely tax filing — it even includes a penalty-free tax filing guarantee. It’s business tax management at it’s finest!
  • A variety of online payroll management reports.
  • Online paycheck information and W-2 access for your employees.
  • Access to Certified Payroll Experts by phone, email or online chat.
  • Six-month money back guarantee!

Full Service Payroll

This service provides payroll solutions for larger businesses, or for those with more complex payroll management needs. Full Service Payroll is available at competitive prices, through our partnership with Sage. This is a more robust service that includes all the features of the Self Service Payroll, plus much more.

Human Resources Solutions

As a small business owner, you may not have a human resources management department. Monroe Bank & Trust Human Resource solutions can help! These services can help reduce your human resources “cost”, which is your time.

If you enroll in the Full Service Payroll option, you’ll have access to the following direct HR solutions:

  • An innovative time and attendance solution that can help improve accuracy and eliminate the hassles of data entry.
  • Tools, resources, templates and more available through the HR Compliance Center to help you save time and money.
  • A secure, online data management system for storing all critical employee information.

We get that human resources isn’t what your business is all about. That’s why we’re here to take some of that burden off your shoulders.

Employee Benefits Solutions

In addition to payroll solutions, we can help with other employee benefits also! For example, our Sage Payroll Solutions will enable you to provide vacation and sick time tracking for your employees.

Is Worker’s Compensation weighing you down? If you enroll in the Full Service Payroll Program, you’ll enjoy a pay-as-you-go Worker’s Compensation plan. That means no upfront premiums and no year-end audits! The Full Service Payroll Program also provides easy online enrollment and administration of employee benefits.

You need your employees – but you don’t need the complications that come with payroll management, human resources and employee benefits. That’s where we come in!

Contact one of our Business Services Experts and let’s get started!