Michael Bryk


Bryk, Michael Photo
Phone: 734-384-8281
E-mail: michael.bryk@monroe.bank

Mike is responsible for the construction, monitoring, and rebalancing of your investment portfolio. Questions regarding your portfolio, such as individual securities,
performance, rebalancing, or general economic questions should be directed to your Portfolio Manager.

Mike is Vice President, Portfolio Manager. He holds a Master of Business Administration degree in Finance from Louisiana State University and a Bachelor of General Studies degree
with a concentration in Economics from The University of Michigan. Prior to joining the Monroe Bank & Trust Wealth Planning and Advisory Group, Michael was an Energy Mutual
Fund co-manager for six years at Munder Capital Management, where he also served five years as Senior Equity Analyst. His responsibilities included the development of forecasting models and establishing buy / sell criteria. Mike also held the positions of Equity Analyst and Fixed Income Analyst for four years with Bank One Investment Advisors/ NBD Bank.