Our History

A Century and a Half of Financial Leadership

Names can represent ideas and ideals, principles and philosophies, origins and objectives.

At Monroe Bank & Trust, our name is a constant reminder of our foundations, our focus and our future.

Monroe Bank & Trust:

Arial View

Bird’s Eye view of Monroe 1868 by A. Ruger, Chicago Lithographic Co.

1858 – Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt was born.  Abraham Lincoln and Steven Douglas debated seven times for a US Senate seat.  Charles Darwin presented a paper to the Linnean Society of London foreshadowing his theory of evolution. Michigan had been a state for only 21 years. In Monroe, Michigan, general store owner Benjamin Dansard and local businessman Louis Lafountain recognized the need for a bank where residents could place their money for safekeeping, and from which loans could be made to finance community projects, stimulate business growth, and help area farmers and residents prosper.  Dansard State Bank was chartered and opened for business.  Even from its humble beginnings in the back of the Dansard General Store, the Bank played an integral role in the promise and progress of the region.

The Bank‘s first major trial came with the Civil War, followed by the severe, national economic depression of the 1890’s. Numerous railroad systems went out of business, more than 500 banks closed, over 16,000 businesses declared bankruptcy and more than 4 million workers lost their jobs.  But in southeastern Michigan, the Bank, now called Dansard & Son Bank, held firm. Combining sound financial stewardship with compassionate but judicious lending, the Bank not only survived the period, but stood as a bastion protecting the area’s families, farms and businesses.

The tradition of putting the welfare of the community first has been mutually rewarding for the Bank and the region. Through our nation’s wars, recessions and economic depressions, the Bank grew and served the ever-increasing needs of residents and businesses. In 1968, the name changed to Monroe Bank & Trust.

Monroe Bank & Trust ClockMonroe Bank & Trust inaugurated trust services* in 1942.

To a banker, “Trust”  refers to a strategy and document providing financial benefits for people and/or organizations. With many types of Trusts, a financial professional can invest the money placed in the Trust to increase the amount of money initially put into the plan.

To a customer, “Trust” also means “I believe that you will manage my assets, protect my property and invest my money wisely.”

Monroe Bank & Trust has to be proactive, knowledgeable and results-oriented – because our customers are our neighbors.  Our success rests upon our reputation for managing the assets of our customers, growing their investments, enhancing the quality of their lives and helping them realize the dreams they cherish for themselves and their families.   Monroe has been guiding customer trusts, estates and investments in southeastern Michigan and northern Ohio for well over half a century.

Our Wealth Planning and Advisory Group manages more than $900 million in assets. Monroe Bank & Trust’s estate and trust professionals administer your affairs with uncompromising dedication and care.  You’re not a faceless statistic among a sea of customers to us.  Rather, we take the time to get to know you and your family as people — with distinctive hopes, desires and requirements.

Dansard Bank

Dansard State Bank Circa 1920

Monroe Bank & Trust’s Wealth Planning and Advisory team has assembled an exceptionally talented cadre of experienced and certified experts.  Their sole mission is to continually analyze and evaluate market forces, and to sculpt a unique wealth strategy based upon your current financial situation, appropriate risk modeling and your future goals.  At Monroe Bank & Trust, we never just sell products.  We use teams of specialists to craft personalized solutions.

For highly complex or international projects, we also utilize a Multi-Manager Account system.  The bank collaborates with expert specialists from leading investment houses around the world, while you enjoy the benefits of having one point of contact through your personal MBT Wealth Planning Advisor.

Monroe Bank & Trust Headquarters

Headquarters Downtown Monroe Dedicated October, 2006

Since its founding in 1858, Monroe Bank & Trust (NASDAQ: MBTF) has grown into one of the largest community banks in Michigan, with more than $1.2 billion in assets. Monroe Bank & Trust is a full-service bank with a comprehensive selection of personal and business accounts, complete credit options and the region’s largest Wealth Planning and Advisory department. With 20 offices, global ATM account access, mobile and online banking, Monroe Bank & Trust provides an incomparable level of service and convenience for its customers. We are proud to remain a locally owned and operated financial institution, one that is enthusiastically committed to helping southeastern Michigan and northern Ohio grow and prosper.

Monroe Bank & Trust – We Believe in the Story of You.