Financial Education

School Banking Program

MBT and Weiss Elementary

Lots of people manage to graduate from high school and not know a thing about how to write a check, save for the future, invest money or create and stick to a budget. We know that it’s never too soon to be smart about money.

So in response to the need for better financial literacy programs in schools, and better financially prepared students, the bank developed our now well known School Banking program.

The first school we teamed with was Ritter Elementary School in South Rockwood in 1989. Since then, a total of 37 elementary schools have been involved.

Our “bank at school” initiative helps to enhance classroom studies and encourage children to recognize the importance of saving for the future. And we provide this program at no cost to our already financially strapped schools.

By setting up a mini Monroe Bank & Trust branch in the school, students learn hands on savings techniques. Young bankers interview for jobs as a branch manager, teller or security guard to carry out typical bank procedures. Students open real savings accounts and have the opportunity to make regular deposits on school banking days. The program is operated by Monroe Bank & Trust branch personnel in conjunction with school administrators and teachers who may choose to supplement the hands-on banking experience with additional classroom activities.

Vault electronic learning curriculum was added to increase knowledge on a variety of financial topics for those in 4th through 6th grades.

For information on how your school can participate, please contact us.

MBT and Barnes Elementary
MBT with Barnes Academy