Credit Card Processing

Simple Solutions for Payment Processing

Put Monroe’s flexible processing solutions to work for your company. Enjoy fast, efficient and convenient payment processing while reducing float time and maximizing your money. We have custom software applications designed to meet your company’s specific needs. And in most cases, funds can be credited as soon as the next business day after purchase.

If you’re tired of waiting on payments, or if you don’t have all of the payment processing solutions your customers need, let us help you implement the systems that will work best for your business.

Credit Card Processing

Using our simple credit card processing, you can accept any major credit card for payments. Even using our small business credit card processing, you can begin to accept Visa©, Mastercard©, Discover© and American Express©.

You can even accept PIN-based and signature-based debit cards. There are other credit card processing companies around, but no one knows you better than your own personal business banker!

Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT)

An EBT system allows a recipient to authorize the transfer of their government benefits from a Federal account to a retailer account to pay for products and services. EBTs are a snap when you have the right systems in place. We have those systems, and they can help you to expand your customer base while you streamline incoming payments.

Electronic Check Verification

Has your business accepted a few bad checks along the way? You want to accept as many payment methods as possible, and that includes checks. But traditional checks can expose your business to the possibility that some of them will go bad. Electronic check verification processing will lower that risk by verifying the funds in your customers’ checking account before you actually turn over the merchandise, or provide the service.

Options for Processing Payments

We can help you by implementing stand-alone electronic data capture terminals, mobile processing, and even over the internet. Do business from wherever your business operates – you can’t afford to do business any other way!

Electronic Cash Register Applications

Electronic cash registers help your business track sales, minimize cash register errors, collect inventory data and provide a host of other valuable services. Eliminate mistakes, and know what your inventory every minute.

Retail Software Applications

Improve your customer relationships and retention through more personalized customer service. Retail software applications allow you to fill customer orders, while keeping track of all of your activity. Create and maintain a consistent flow across all of your business points of service – in house, online and mobile.

Telephone Electronic Data Capture

Are you taking full advantage of the data capture capability of your telephone system? Your telephone is actually an important information gathering tool. But you need special software to get the job done. We can help you do that.

You know your business, and we know payment processing. Give one of our business service members a call, and we’ll show you the best payment processing solutions for your business!