Commercial Rewards Credit Card

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A commercial credit card provides the power you need to manage your business. You’ll be able to separate personal and business finances, maintain control over spending, and enjoy better management of your cash flow. Use the card for travel, entertainment, procurement, fleet expenses and more.

Separate your personal and business finances

One of the biggest advantages of having a dedicated commercial credit cards is that it will give you the ability to draw a distinct line between your business life and your personal life. Separating your finances with a commercial credit card will help you to more easily determine which expenses are business, and which are personal.

Maintain control over spending

A commercial credit card will give you complete control over credit card use by your employees. You can define controls that restrict card use to specific types of purchases, and set spending limits by department, division or even by individual employee. That will be especially important if travel is part of your business.

Better manage cash flow

Having a slow month? If you need to carry a balance, you have the flexibility to do that! You can better manage your cash flow from one month to the next. Interest charges will apply on unpaid balances, but you can pay off the balance when business bounces back.

Simplify year-end expense reporting

Let’s talk taxes. If you’ve been using a personal credit card for your business, you understand what a nightmare it is to separate out personal and business expenses at the end of the year. We’ll provide you with detailed reporting that will eliminate the need to separate expenses manually.

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