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Managed Fixed Income Portfolio

This portfolio is designed to provide income for investors who possess current cash flow needs, yet have a very low tolerance for risk. 

The strategy utilized is conservative portfolio management where the account will be invested in several assets classes; namely, domestic and international corporate bonds, U.S. government bonds, state and local municipal bonds, U.S. agency mortgage bonds, and money market/cash reserve funds.

Additionally, from time to time a modest allocation to equity may be utilized in the portfolio as a means to neutralize the effects of inflation in an income-focused portfolio.  Generally, MBT managers will purchase domestically issued bonds that are conservative in nature.  

Features and Benefits

The portfolio utilizes bonds that incorporate the following characteristics:    
    • Low duration (interest rate volatility).
    • High credit quality.
    • Attractive risk-adjusted yields.
The portfolio also utilizes diversified mutual funds with the following characteristics:
    • Superior performance track record in   volatile credit markets.
    • Consistent management tenure and investment philosophy with regards actively managed funds. 
    • No sales loads and low internal expenses.  

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