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Managed Equity Portfolio

Our goal is to provide portfolio returns that exceed the S&P 500 Index benchmark while providing lower volatility of returns than the benchmark.

This model is designed as a growth portfolio to serve investors with higher risk tolerances. The intended objective of the allocation is to provide high capital appreciation. The strategy utilizes several asset classes and a combination of individual equities and Exchange Traded Funds (ETF). We utilize domestic and international equities exhibiting consistent earnings growth, reasonable valuation, and sustainable above-average return on capital. We screen for companies with strong balance sheets and strong growth prospects.

We adjust equity portfolios by overweighting sectors poised for better performance relative to other market sectors, and we regularly reassess “buy” rated equities for relative valuation, earnings quality, and positive earnings expectations. This portfolio may be utilized in conjunction with a high quality fixed income portfolio. This portfolio will be managed with a secondary but conscious consideration for possible tax effects of securities sales.

Features and Benefits

The SelectAdvantage Managed Equity Portfolio utilizes MBT’s proprietary model, which combines individual large-cap and mid-cap equities along with Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s) to create a well diversified, strategically invested portfolio.

  • MBT utilizes numerous research resources along with fundamental financial analysis in the composition of our approved holdings.
  • This portfolio is reviewed constantly for news and earnings releases that may affect holdings.


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