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Fixed Income Mutual Fund Portfolio

This model is designed to provide income for investors with very low risk tolerances who possess current cash flow needs.  The intended objective of the allocation is a high current income and the preservation of capital.

The strategy ulitized is conservative account management where the account will be invested in several asset classes - domestic and international corporate bonds, U.S. government bonds, U.S. mortgage bonds and money market / cash reserve funds.

Generally, the managers of the mutual funds within this model purchase securities conservative in nature.  The securities will include high quality bonds and other debt obligations to control interest rate risk and reduce credit risk.

Features and Benefits

The SelectAdvantage Funds portfolios use mutual funds chosen for their:

  • Total return track record in up and down markets.
  • Management tenure of at least 3 years for reliability of strategy and performance.
  • No-load structure and expenses in the lowest 1/3rd of its peer group.
  • Volatility measures in the bottom 1/3rd of its peer group.
  • Above-average tax efficiency of the fund is also considered.

By utilizing this and additional screening criteria, as well as strategically rebalancing the portfolios at least quarterly for market conditions, SelectAdvantage funds portfolios are optimally positioned to outperform.


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