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Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) Equity Portfolio

ETF’s allow investors to diversify their equity holdings in a cost-effective, tax efficient manner. They are appropriate for moderate and high-net worth investors alike as well as investors desiring a more “top-down” investment approach.

This model is designed as a growth portfolio to serve investors with higher risk tolerances. The intended objective of the allocation is to provide high capital appreciation and diversification by utilizing Exchange Traded Funds (ETF). ETF’s allow MBT investment managers to capture broad domestic and international market exposure. We adjust the model by overweighting sectors poised for better performance relative to other market sectors. 

We regularly reassess sector allocations to reflect future expectations. This portfolio may be utilized in conjunction with a high quality fixed income portfolio.

Features and Benefits

ETF’s provide a combination of benefits to investors, including:

    • ETF’s generally track established market indices and thus offer low fee structures.
    • ETF’s offer broad diversification as well as targeted sector concentrations, depending on the ETF used.
    • Ability to trade during market hours, not just day-ending NAV. Allows for timing of transactions during volatile trading periods.
    • Closed-end type structure allows for more effective tax management than typical open-ended mutual funds.
    • Investors realize gains or losses at time of trade only.


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