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SelectAdvantage Portfolios

Monroe Bank & Trust Select Advantage investment portfolios are crafted to meet your unique risk tolerance requirements.

We manage wealth for clients utilizing research from numerous resources to formulate our SelectAdvantage portfolio solutions. Depending on the needs and goals of each client, these solutions can be comprised of individually chosen equities, fixed income investments, or a combination of investments. Equities are selected and managed via our own screening process, which utilizes a combination of independent research and quantitative data analysis.
The models are rebalanced every quarter to provide maximum return. Fixed income investments are selected based on the unique needs of the client, with high quality and principal preservation as key criteria.

Features and Benefits

  • Managed portfolios with diversification and performance as their primary goal. 
  • Portfolios are rebalanced at least quarterly and monitored systematically to adjust to evolving market conditions.
  • Selections based upon our proprietary 10-point model criteria.
  • Investments are weighted to your risk tolerance, from conservative to aggressive. 
  • Portfolios can be customized to own individual equity and bond investments, exchange traded funds, mutual funds, or a combination thereof. 
  • Hedging and alternative asset class investing is a component strategy in the composition of our models.  
The information above is not intended nor should it be used as a substitute for the advice of an attorney, estate or tax planner, whose advice should be sought to review your personal circumstances and goals.


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