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Foreign Currency Exchange

Traveling? Need the currency of the country you're going to? Or want to transfer funds via wire? MBT now offers fast, convenient foreign currency services. Call your MBT Business Banker or stop into any branch and we can assist you with your international currency needs.

Coin Services

Turn that jar of coins into cash. Just bring your coins into the Monroe Bank & Trust Downtown Monroe (Main), Lambertville or Flat Rock Offices (click here for locations and directions). No more tedious sorting and rolling coins, simply pour your coins into our self-service kiosk and watch the money add up. It’s quick, easy and fun. Just take your transaction voucher to redeem for cash at the teller line.

Note: There is a nominal fee for processing. Vouchers must be submitted on the day of transaction for redemption.

Direct Deposit

Enjoy the fastest, safest and most convenient way to have your payroll, social security, pension, and other checks deposited into your Monroe Bank and Trust checking or savings account. MBT Direct Deposit guarantees instant deposits into your account, even if you’re out of town, sick or on vacation. It saves you a trip to the bank or post office. Plus, electronic deposit reduces the chances of identity theft because payments can’t be lost in the mail, stolen or damaged.

Money Orders

An MBT Money Order is a safe alternative to sending cash in the mail when personal checks are not accepted.  Available in any denomination up to $1000. No fee for MBT Savings Account holders maintaining a daily balance of $10,000 or greater.  

Notary Public

Today, it seems there are more legal documents affecting transactions than ever before. With Monroe Bank & Trust’s Notary Public Service, we can notarize your legal documents, certifying their legal authenticity… and protecting you along the way.

Official Checks

Some high-value purchases or legal transactions (new home purchases for example) may require payment by Official Check.  Official Checks are much different from regular checks or money orders.  They essentially guarantee that funds are available for the purchase, because the check is drawn against the Bank, not against an individual’s personal account. Whenever Official Checks are required, simply contact any MBT branch.  An MBTeam Banker will be happy to help!

Safe Deposit Boxes

Keep your important documents and valued possessions secure with an MBT Safe Deposit Box. These metal boxes housed in an MBT walk-in vault keep your valuables safe while providing you with peace of mind. You’ll get 24-hour safekeeping and dual key control security in a variety of box sizes to accommodate your particular needs and budget. Enjoy convenient access anytime during regular bank hours. 

Savings Bonds

Look into a safe, low-risk investment with Savings Bonds. Bonds purchased from May 1997 through April 30, 2005 pay interest based on current market rates for up to 30 years and Series EE bonds purchased May 2005 and after will earn a fixed rate of return. Savings Bonds are used for a variety of purposes, including financing education or supplementing retirement, and they make a great gift.  After December 31, 2011, Savings Bonds may only be ordered online.  For more information, click here to visit the US Bond website - you can even check the value of your bond online.

Signature Guarantee

Protect yourself from forgery with MBT’s Signature Guarantee. Bring your legal documents into a banking center and have a qualified MBTeam Banker examine it. We’ll guarantee the authenticity of the signature on a number of legal documents, certifying that the person signing has been given the legal authority to act as a representative for the person or corporation named on the document.



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