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Loans and Lines of Credit

MBT has Relationship Managers that partner with you to gain a thorough understanding of your business - helping you achieve both your short term and long term business goals. Whether you're planning to purchase real estate, acquiring another company, purchasing equipment or refinancing existing debt, we can structure a loan crafted to address your business' unique needs. 

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Revolving Line of Credit

As a business owner, you may want to take advantage of both short term and long term lines of credit. We can offer a wide variety of financing options to fit your specific business objectives. Use your revolving line of credit to help meet all your working capital needs, including financing inventory purchases, funding account receivables, and paying off invoices.

Term Loans 

Designed to finance the purchase of longer term assets such as equipment, real estate or even other business entities, term loans offer varied repayment schedules tailored to match your needs.

Construction Line of Credit

Monroe Bank and Trust has a long and distinguished history of providing financing for commercial buildings, residential developments and similar ventures. For these types of projects, a closed-end construction line of credit with draw provisions is often a key to your success.

Letter of Credit 

Give vendors and service providers confidence in doing business with you by providing an MBT Letter of Credit on your company's behalf. This binding document attests to your credit worthiness and gives the beneficiary the assurance that payment will be received.

Business Loans of $50,000 or Less

Every customer, regardless of size, is important to us. To better meet the needs of busy business owners with total borrowing needs of $50,000 or less, MBT offers a fast and easy approval process. And in many cases we can even waive the need for detailed financial statements.  Contact any MBT branch or loan officer to obtain our simple, one-page application!

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