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Business Debit Card

Business banking, to go. With a Business Debit Card from MBT, you have the convenience of banking wherever you go… 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Features and Benefits

  • Reduce overspending with amount debited directly from your Business Checking Account.
  • Transactions appear on your regular statement.
  • Convenience and security of a single card that carries the internationally accepted MasterCard name.
  • Make purchases from a variety of retailers and vendors worldwide without the hassle and time of writing checks.

Access: Wherever, Whenever

Your business doesn’t stop at your front door. From purchases to supplies to dinner meetings, business can happen anywhere and everywhere. Be prepared with a Business Debit Card from Monroe Bank & Trust .  

The purchasing power and worldwide recognition of the MasterCard name gives you confidence. Plus, you’ll enjoy the convenience of using any ATM around the world to track purchases and withdraw funds.   

With an MBT Business Debit Card, you can travel without the hassle and worry of carrying your bulky checkbook.

Convenience, confidence and control. With a MBT Business Debit Card, you get it all!  Simply contact Business Services or call 800-321-0032 for more information.

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