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Zero Balance Account

Take control over your cash management. A Zero Balance Account from Monroe Bank & Trust allows you to detect excess cash, eliminate manual transfer of funds…and maximize your investment opportunities.

Features and Benefits

  • Easily identify excess funds by consolidating all funds into one account.
  • Convenient - eliminating the need to manually transfer funds to and from multiple accounts.
  • Maximizes investment opportunities by allowing your company to use your funds where they are needed most.
  • Easy reconciliation with separate checking account statements.

Zero Balance, Maximum Opportunity

Make your life easier as your money works harder with a MBT Zero Balance Account (ZBA). This smart option for your business checking accounts allows automatic transfer of funds between your company’s master account and collection or disbursement accounts prior to checks and deposits being posted.  

Once funds have been consolidated into a single account, you’ll carry a zero balance in your collection and disbursement accounts, and be able to quickly identify excess cash and eliminate fund transfers. You’ll save the time of manually transferring funds while increasing investment opportunities.  

Simply contact Business Services or call 800-321-0032 for more information.

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