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Positive Pay

Add the ultimate in fraud control for your Business Checking Account. Monroe Bank & Trust’s Positive Pay automatically finds suspect items on your business check register and flags them for your review.

Features and Benefits

  • Protects your business from checking fraud.
  • MBT’s sophisticated system searches your provided check activity and highlights suspect transactions.
  • Convenient paper-free, electronic delivery.

Think Positive

Protect your business from checking fraud with Positive Pay, from Monroe Bank & Trust. Simply send us your issued details electronically, and our sophisticated system will automatically search for check numbers and dollar amounts that don’t match, reconciling them with your registry information.  

These items are then highlighted and provided to you for your review. You then decide which items to pay or return. This high-level of scrutiny and safety provides your business the ultimate protection against checking fraud. 

To learn more about this safe, secure and smart answer to fraud protection, simply contact Business Services or call 800-321-0032 for more information.


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