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Wholesale Lockbox Services

Turn your receivable payments into cash flow quicker through Monroe Bank & Trust’s Wholesale Lockbox Services. We’ll help you speed up the collection of receivables, making funds available sooner.

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Features and Benefits

  • Accelerated collection and receivables reduces float time, allowing funds to earn money sooner.
  • Internet access and check imaging bypasses the post office and expedites collection of check payments.
  • Most payments processed and deposited within hours of receipt.
  • High-efficiency handling of items.
  • Frees up your internal resources, so your employees’ time can be more efficiently spent.
  • Aggressive clearing availability schedule.

The Faster, Smarter Way to Collect

Don’t let slow payments drain your company’s cash flow. With MBT’s Wholesale Lockbox Services, we can help expedite your receivables, reducing float time and getting your funds where you want them to be.  

With An MBT Wholesale Lockbox, all payments are mailed to a P.O. Box we establish for your company. Checks are picked up on an aggressive schedule, expediting the flow to our CashPro processing center.

To learn more about the CashPro benefits click here.

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