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ACH Filter

The increasing volume of ACH payments means an increased potential for ACH fraud. To help mitigate the risk, Monroe Bank & Trust offers ACH positive pay to their corporate clients.
ACH Filter is an extension of traditional check positive pay but is focused on transactions that flow through the ACH system. ACH rules are defined at the account level for monitoring ACH activity. In turn, every ACH transaction that is presented for payment is scrutinized against the account’s ACH rules to determine whether a transaction warrants further review. Corporate clients receive an email alert when unauthorized ACH activity is present and these items are included in the exception list where a pay/return decision must be made.

ACH Authorization

  • Rules define pre-approved ACH activity for an account. 
  • An ACH authorization rule can include the standard entry class (SEC) code, transaction type (debit/credit), and maximum dollar amount. 

ACH Block

  • Rules define prohibited ACH activity for an account. 
  • An ACH block rule can include the standard entry class (SEC) code, transaction type (debit/credit), and transactions over a certain dollar amount. 
  • ACH block can also be set up to exception all ACH transactions.

Online Exception Management

  • Enables corporate clients to take more control over transaction activity. 
  • Access the link through eBusiness Access.
  • An automated cutoff process will, per the client’s pre-established specifications, “force pay” or “force return” all unresolved exceptions as of the cutoff time. 
  • Cutoff time for pay/return decisions is noon; clients will receive a reminder email at 11:00 a.m.
  • Integrated audit controls track all maintenance actions including who made the decision. 

To learn more ACH Filter and how it can help protect your business, simply contact Business Services or call 800-321-0032 for more information.

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