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Automated Clearing House (ACH)

Enjoy a simple, efficient way to pay and collect payments with MBT’s Automated Clearing House services. 

ACH Collection allows your customers authorize electronic debits from their accounts when payments are due, reducing late payments.  

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The increasing volume of ACH payments means an increased potential for ACH fraud. To help mitigate the risk, Monroe Bank & Trust offers ACH positive pay to their corporate clients.

ACH Payments Reporter *
The ACH network is a standardized and efficient electronic payments platform that is increasingly being used to facilitate business to business payments. Let MBT leverage the network to provide you with the relevant information that accompanies your ACH transactions so you can more easily and efficiently manage your payments.

Wholesale Lockbox Services 

Turn your receivable payments into cash flow quicker through Monroe Bank & Trust’s Wholesale Lockbox Services. We’ll help you speed up the collection of receivables, making funds available sooner.

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* ACH Payment Reporter is offered by Federal Reserve Financial Services, a third-party vendor not directly affiliated with Monroe Bank & Trust.

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