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Cash Management Additional Services

Account Sweep Services

Make the most of your business’ available capital. If your company carries excess cash in your primary business checking account, MBT Sweep Accounts provide options that can turn these surplus funds into earnings or credit. Our Sweep Accounts conveniently monitor your primary business checking account and transfer excess funds daily into an investment account to earn you interest, or into a line of credit, reducing your interest costs.

Electronic Tax Filing

Make your company’s federal and state tax payments the safe, secure and convenient way – on-line. MBT’s Electronic Tax Filing allows you to make payments in government-specified formats. Your business account is debited the business day that you make the payment and you’ll receive confirmations for each transaction. Best of all, you’re backed by the security of your local MBTeam banker.

Image CD Rom

No more lost statements and thumbing through file cabinets. With Monroe Bank & Trust’s convenient Image CD ROM, you get your company’s deposit and check images delivered to you on one convenient CD. Since everything is kept together, searching, sorting and reconciling has never been easier. And you’ll save desk and cabinet space, too.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Streamline your business operations with Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) from Monroe Bank & Trust. This convenient way to disburse and receive funds electronically saves you time, labor and money. Plus, it’s backed by your expert MBTeam, so you know it’s safe, secure and accurate.

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