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Additional Business Services

Coin Services

Your company keeps you busy. The last thing you need is to take the extra time to count, sort and roll coins. At MBT, our expert MBTeam bankers can take this tedious task off your hands … literally. Our coin services allow you to purchase convenient pre-rolled coins and strapped currency for all your company’s change needs, so you’re never short on change. As an MBT Business Banking customer, we offer our professional coin services for a nominal fee.


Get your business account statement from the convenience of your computer or laptop with Monroe Bank & Trust’s eStatement. This service allows you to retrieve your company’s deposit account statements electronically in Adobe .pdf format. You’ll get an email notification when the eStatement is available and you’ll actually get your statement faster then traditional printed statements. It’s more secure than paper, better for the environment and easier to store. Plus, statements are accessible online for up to 12 months.

Night Depository

Drop your business deposits around your schedule. With MBT’s Night Depository Service, you know that your bank is always “open” to receive your deposits, 24 hours a day. Simply drop off your company’s deposits when it's convenient for you. A receipt will be available for you the next business day or it can be mailed to you. You’ll have the confidence of knowing that no cash is being held at your office or home, and the ease of being able to deposit after business hours. Plus, you’ll enjoy the option of disposable or reusable night depository bags.

Safe Deposit Box

Keep your company’s important documents and possessions secure with an MBT Safe Deposit Box. These secure boxes housed in an MBT vault keep your valuables safe while providing you with peace of mind. You’ll get 24-hour safekeeping and dual key control security in a variety of box sizes to accommodate your particular needs and budget. Enjoy convenient access anytime during regular bank hours.

MBTeam Electronic Check Recovery

Electronic Check Recovery (ECR) is a simplified way of handling dishonored/returned checks deposited by business customers.  This service is provided by checXchange, a third party vendor and MBT partner.  Once a check is dishonored, the check is forwarded to checXchange, where it is imaged and cured for re-presentment.  Business customers are credited weekly for 100% of the check amount when collected.  This service ensures faster settlement of funds and higher rates of collection.  ECR costs nothing to implement or maintain.  This is a free service to all business customers.  checXchange provides an easy-to-use web interface for tracking purpose.

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