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The ENLIST Story  

MBT Making Communities Stronger

Over 175,000 volunteer hours of community service throughout southeast Michigan - and increasing every day. 

ENLIST stands for Employees Now Linked In Service Together.

MBT ENLIST is Monroe Bank & Trust at its community-centered best.  It is one of the finest and most active employee volunteer service organizations in the United States.

MBT continuously reinvests in its communities with financial contributions. But the bank realized long ago that although donations of money were important, most organizations lacked the manpower resources necessary to make their events and programs truly effective. Through MBT ENLIST, the bank's employees sustain their communities through contributions of time, effort and hard work. 


If you live in southeast Michigan or northwest Ohio, chances are very good that you have seen or met smiling people in green shirts with gold MBT ENLIST logos. They may be cooking and serving meals for the homeless, or teaching financial literacy classes to high school students. 


 Or, you may find them cleaning and repairing a   playground at a community park. Or helping at senior centers. Or at camps for special-needs children.   MBT ENLIST volunteers support, assist and augment over 200 community agencies, nonprofit, schools and organizations every day of the year. In fact, since its founding in 1984, MBT ENLIST volunteers have donated over 163,000 manhours – or approximately 6,000 hours of service annually – to improve the quality of life in the communities served by Monroe Bank & Trust.   


MBT ENLIST volunteer community service corps has been recognized with regional and national awards including three Presidential Volunteer Service Awards from The President’s Council on Service and Civic Participation.  Industry peers have honored ENLIST with recognition such as the Shining Star Award of the Michigan Association of Community Bankers. And regional media praise ENLIST’s unique corporate volunteer character. The Monroe Evening News notes that “ENLIST workers seem to be omnipresent”*

                                                                                                                                                                                               ENLIST also selects a major, bank-wide fundraiser to benefit a charitable organization voted on by the ENLIST Board of Directors.  Funds are raised through a yearlong series of events including car washes, cookie dough sales,  “jean days” where employees pay for the opportunity to wear jeans to work, and numerous other internal and external events.  These large-scope projects have included the American Cancer Society, the American Red Cross, Gabby’s Ladder (a Monroe County-based family grief support organization) and the Penrickton Center for Blind Children in Taylor. 

Philanthropic or human service organizations wishing to be considered for a donation from an MBT / ENLIST-sponsored Jeans Day can reach us HERE.

“MBT is incredibly proud of what we have achieved with the ENLIST program over the  years” said MBT CEO Doug Chaffin.  “The willingness of our employees to offer this level of commitment to volunteers is a true testament to the quality of the individuals who work here, and their enthusiastic desire to excel in both customer service during work hours and service to humanity during their personal time.”    

About 85% of the bank’s 350 employees, from hourly employees to senior executives, actively serve in ENLIST. 

This record of service could not be achieved without the active encouragement and support of Monroe Bank & Trust executive management and the bank’s Board of Directors. The bank employs a full time ENLIST Administrator. ENLIST is governed by an elected Board of Directors and operates pursuant to official policies and procedures. 

MBT ENLIST is a corporate volunteer program that is unparalleled in nature and scope and is certain proof of MBT’s serious commitment and mission - to be neighbors who help neighbors, and to be one of America’s finest community banks.

MBT ENLIST Coordinator Diana Lingle manages all aspects of the program and may be contacted by nonprofit organizations that require assistance from volunteers. She may be reached at (734) 384-8267, or by mail at for additional information. Requests for ENLIST volunteers may be submitted by clicking the Volunteer Request form.




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