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Board of Directors


Michael J. Miller

Chairman of the Board

Mr. Miller is Chief Executive Officer of Floral City Beverage


Peter H. Carlton

Mr. Carlton is a Member (Partner) of Cooley, Hehl, Wohlgamuth & Carlton, PLLC, CPA


H. Douglas Chaffin

Mr. Chaffin is President and Chief Executive Officer
of Monroe Bank & Trust


Joseph S. Daly

Mr. Daly is President and General Counsel
of Daly Merritt, Inc.



 Edwin L.  Harwood

Mr. Harwood is a Member, Manager and  Financial Advisor of Harwood Investment Strategies, LLC


Debra J. Shah

Ms. Shah is President of Sensational Beginnings


John Skibski

Mr. Skibski is Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Monroe Bank & Trust 


Karen Colina-Wilson Smithbauer

Ms. Colina-Wilson Smithbauer is President of the Karen Colina Wilson Foundation



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